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Blue Marble

September 17, 2010

We live on a blue marble. A spinning blue marble, hurtling through the fabric of space and time. The thought makes one feel so insignificant, doesn’t it? And what could be more exciting than traveling and exploring our blue marble? To get to know this world, with it’s fascinating cultures and languages and exotic cuisines and rich histories with countless destinations to travel to and new people to meet and endless experiences to be a part of …

And so that we don’t forget all those stories and details and adventures, we’ve created this blog to jot down all of that. We hope this will be a perfect place to combine two of our passions – writing and photography. And what exactly will we blog about? Everything! Not just related to travel, but everything that inspires us, so keep watching this space for more!

Read more about the origin of the name Blue Marble on Wikipedia.



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  1. Shwetha Ramesh permalink

    Awesome Trups!! I absolutely enjoy reading your travelogues 🙂

  2. Divya permalink

    Great work Trups 🙂 love the name ….
    It’s a great guide for fellow travellers … Has some interesting insights and tips 🙂

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