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Wildflower season

March 28, 2011

Beauty in simplicity

Blossoms at the end of the road

Lovely Lavender

Weeks of relentless rain has brought spring bloom to the valley. We went for an invigorating “photography” hike this weekend at the Foothills Open Space Preserve in Palo Alto. Wildflowers were in full bloom. Green grassy slopes were covered with bursts of yellow flowers that nodded their bright heads energetically as the wind blew. We saw a variety of beautiful, exotic, fresh, dewy wildflowers along the trail we hiked. Sadly, I don’t know the names of any of these … except for perhaps a California Poppy here or a Cherry Blossom there … I guess it’s time to invest in a wildflower identification booklet which will allow me to satisfactorily name these gorgeous beauties. Even if I’m not able to recognize them by their scientific Latin name in my sleep, something more informative than “pretty flowers” would be a step forward.

Click on the photos above or here to go to my “Wildflowers” gallery on SmugMug. I love trying on the macro mode in my camera and capturing the delicate details which our naked eye is incapable of seeing. Only in a fully blown up photograph can I clearly see and admire the fragile, unique design of flowers and their lovely colors.

We also saw herds of nimble and very jumpy deer, a few curious llamas (in a reserve here of all places!?), a gorgeously green-hued mallard duck in hot pursuit of it’s mate and several red-tailed hawks circling the skies above. These pics are coming up next on SmugMug. All in all, a very satisfying hike for shaking off the laziness of a Sunday afternoon!


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