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Celtic song – Gypsy

August 10, 2011

Celtic song – Gypsy

Listening to this song makes me yearn. Yearn for what? I don’t know exactly. But it’s a yearning to reach the happy place which this song wants to lead me to. The enigmatic notes of music at the beginning quickly transform into mesmerizing beats that are accompanied by the most joyful notes of music I’ve ever heard. Merry notes, leaping and falling, as a bubbling feeling of joy starts in the pit of my stomach and courses through my body as the beats get progressively faster and louder. The last time a song had such an intense effect and evoked such strong emotion – although the emotion was one of impending doom and utter darkness – was Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell. I couldn’t get enough of that song. I played it on loop for days on end, until I was finally able to stop myself only because I started hearing it clearly inside my head! This song is the complete opposite of doom and darkness. It takes you on a journey of yearning, to find that perfect happy place. Note: You will feel the strong urge to get up and dance. Do it!


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