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Swimming in the blue-green waters of Havasupai

March 25, 2012

Postcard from Havasupai

Within 36 hours, we were as far away from civilization as possible. We had flown 500 miles, driven 220 miles, hiked 12 miles and were now standing at the rim of a gorgeous blue-green waterfall, named Navajo falls, in the heart of the Grand Canyon, in a place called Havasupai.

This was our first sight of the blue-green waters of Havasupai. The original Navajo falls used to be 75 foot high! The present falls however were created by the 2008 flash floods. The destructive nature of the floods is evident by how the earth’s crust has been ripped apart and the river has made its way through, forming a gentler waterfall, surrounded by a lush green oasis, in the middle of this red rock almost-desert-like landscape. It is a surreal but thrilling sight.

The water was really blue-green and as clear as glass. The temperature was surprisingly lukewarm, not exactly warm, but definitely not ice-cold either. We did not need a second invitation and were soon in the water, gleefully swimming around in the pristine pool beneath the waterfall. The depth of the water was perhaps 6-8 foot, and there were some boulders on the floor that one could get a foothold of, to stand steady. The current was gentle and it was the most serene swimming spot one could wish for. The colors changed magically from shades of turquoise to verdant green until it seemed almost to be an illusion. The joy of taking a dip in such a unique, pristine spot, floating on our backs watching the droplets of water from above catching the last remaining rays of sunlight, being surrounded by such magnificent vistas is … magical.

More about the trip with details of our itinerary and the trail we hiked from canyon rim to Supai village in the next post!


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