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10 unique and fun winter activities at Grand Targhee ski resort

February 12, 2014

So you think skiing and snowboarding are the only winter activities to do this season? You’re not thinking outside the box! Grand Targhee ski resort in Wyoming offers a dozen other thrilling activities that range from Naturalist-led Snowshoe Tours to Sleighride Dinners and Demos by Avalanche Dogs. Your only task is to choose amongst all these fantastic options – do just one or do them all!

1. Early Tracks

Skiing with view of the Grand TetonsSkiing in Grand Targhee with a stunning view of the Grand Teton Mountain range. Photo credit: Benjamin Powell Photography

If you’re one of those avid skiers who love to be the first ones to leave their tracks on untouched powder, then you’ve come to the right place at Grand Targhee. Early Tracks allows you to be the first one on the mountain, before the lifts are open to the public! How exciting would it be to ski down corduroy slopes or fresh powder from last night’s snowfall, leaving your tracks on the pristine mountains for everybody else to see?

2. Snowcat Adventures

Skiing is such an adrenalin pumping activityGet high up on the mountains in a snowcat and come blazing down the pristine slopes. Photo credit: Benjamin Powell Photography

Ever looked up at the mountains and wondered what it would be like to ski on those untouched slopes and wished that the lifts could take you there? Well, your wish just came true at Grand Targhee! You won’t have to get onto the lift though. Instead, a Snowcat is at your service! Sitting cozily in the back of a powerful Snowcat machine, you will ascend one of Grand Targhee’s tallest mountain peaks and get to ski down gorgeous slopes with stunning views of the Grand Tetons. Snowcat adventures await you!

3. Naturalist Snowshoe Tour

I got my snowshoes onLove the crunch of snow under my snowshoe boots as I explore backcountry trails and listen for birds hidden in the trees. Photo credit: Trupti Devdas Nayak

For those who love stretching their legs on a trail, don’t despair when the same trails are covered with snow in winter. Just put on some sturdy snowshoes and you’re good to go. Grand Targhee offers snowshoes for rentals as well as Naturalist-led snowshoe tours. Learn all about birding and recognizing animal tracks in the snow on a Naturalist-led snowshoe hike, and you’ll never think about snowshoeing the same way again. Grand Targhee is home to 3+ miles of snowshoe trails that run alongside cross-country skiing trails, and there are plenty of opportunities to explore beyond. Take a detour when something strikes your fancy and be an explorer. Take a closer look at squirrels hiding in evergreen trees, admire barren but beautiful Aspens which have shed all their leaves, or try to take a guess at which animal might’ve made those really strange tracks you see in the snow.

4. Daily Mountain Tour

Group photo on top of mountain in Grand TargheeLearn about the best places to ski at Grand Targhee during the Mountain Tour. Photo credit: Benjamin Powell Photography

This complimentary tour is offered by Grand Targhee to get you familiar with the best areas to ski on the mountains. As part of this guided group tour, you will learn all about the surrounding mountains at the ‘Ghee – the best places to ski, the best slopes, the best views, the best of everything that Grand Targhee has to offer!

5. Nordic Skiing

Skiing like a proBlazing down the slopes! Photo credit: Benjamin Powell Photography

I hadn’t heard of Skate Skiing until I saw two people skate by me merrily on the Nordic ski trails at Grand Targhee. Imagine skating along at a high speed on groomed trails with your skis on – it definitely looked like a ton of fun! Grand Targhee offers 15 km of groomed cross-country, Nordic and skating ski trails. So if you ever tire of the slopes, you know where to go!

6. Tubing

Tubing is one of those activities that is most fun only if you let go of all notion of control. The more you try to control your speed and slow down, the higher the chances that you’re going to bump into something or topple over or just stall. You are rewarded with pure exhilaration when you overcome fear and cruise at uncontrolled speed, turning around rapidly in circles until you don’t know up left from right or up from down. Grand Targhee offers tubing fun for everybody – kids and the kids-at-heart.

7. Fat/Snow biking

Grand Targhee was the first ski resort in the USA to offer this very unique winter activity – fat-tire biking. For those who prefer wheels to get around rather than skis or snowshoes, fat-tire biking is the perfect alternative. Great to use on packed snow, these bike rentals can be used on Grand Targhee’s Nordic trails – it’s a fantastic way to get a workout and have fun when at it.

8. Avalanche Dog Demo

Avalanche Dog DemoAvalanche dogs and the Ski Patrol. Photo credit: Trupti Devdas Nayak

I didn’t know of avalanche dogs until I met one at Grand Targhee. These amazing dogs are trained to seek skiers and snowboarders buried under snow. They use their keen sense of smell to detect human presence under several feet of snow and are indispensable in search and rescue operations. It’s scary to think of avalanches, but that is the undeniable reality of mountain slopes covered with heaps of snow. You can watch a live demo of avalanche dogs in action at Grand Targhee ski resort near Dreamcatcher lift.

9. Sleighride Dinners

Sleighride dinnerSleighride dinner in a Yurt at Grand Targhee – unique and fun! Photo credit: Grand Targhee Ski Resort

Falling snow. Warm blankets. Neighing horses. Dinner inside an actual Yurt. Romance in the air. That’s what a Sleighride dinner is all about! Grand Targhee offers Sleighride dinners for those crisp winter nights when you want to indulge in a western-style meal inside a Yurt for a unique and unforgettable experience.

10. Snowmobile Tours

Ride a snowmobile at Grand TargheeHitching a ride on a snow mobile – how exciting! Hold on tight! Photo credit: Trupti Devdas Nayak

Grand Targhee offers an exciting range of back-country snowmobile tours. Explore Yellowstone National Park or Teton Valley and choose among many other local attractions. Snowmobiles are a thrilling way to get around the backcountry and allow you to experience your own great adventures this winter.

Go visit Grand Targhee this season. Not just for one, but for ten unique reasons!

Disclosure: Ski Idaho, Idaho Tourism and Grand Targhee provided for my travel and accommodation in exchange for writing about my experience at Grand Targhee ski resort. Regardless, everything I have said in this post reflects my honest observations and opinions.

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